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I didn’t get to finish this post…

It’s really funny how fast time flies when you’re having fun. It’s also funny how busy you can seem to be when you’re not even doing anything but lying on the beach all day.

It seems like ages ago that we left the crazy debauchery of Koh Pha Ngan, and light years since we arrived in Chiang Mai after 40 days of touring through 3 countries. Since Koh Pha Ngan, we have been living a beach-y existence, literally doing little else other than lying on the beach, shopping, and eating. In the last two weeks we have been to four islands, one jungle, and one beach community. We have travelled on countless boats, ferries, minivans, and buses.

Tonight we are in Phuket, and tomorrow, we leave Thai paradise and will travel down the Malaysian peninsula to Singapore (a 28-hour trip), where we will stay for two days before returning to Toronto on March 18. I apologize for my lack of blog posts in the past few weeks, and will do my best to post from Singapore. Apparently everything here (except bars) close at 11pm, so I’m being herded out of the internet cafe long before this post would ever be complete.

So long, until Singapore!



My Travel Map

Travel Map
I’ve been to 43 cities in 14 countries
Cambodia: Phnum Penh
Cambodia: Siemreab
Laos: Vientiane
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Singapore: Singapore
Thailand: Bangkok
Thailand: Chiang Mai
Vietnam: Ha Noi
Cuba: Cayo Coco
Cuba: Holguin
Grenada: Grenada
Austria: Innsbruck
Austria: Salzburg
Austria: Vienna
Italy: Venice
North America
Canada: Banff
Canada: Calgary
Canada: Fredericton
Canada: Montreal
Canada: Ottawa
Canada: Vancouver
United States: New York
United States: Orlando
United States: Salt Lake City
Australia: Adelaide
Australia: Airlie Beach
Australia: Brisbane
Australia: Byron Bay
Australia: Cairns
Australia: Canberra
Australia: Coober Pedy
Australia: Daintree
Australia: Fraser Island
Australia: Melbourne
Australia: Sydney
South America
Brazil: Curitiba
Brazil: Sao Paulo

One Chapter Ends, Another Begins…

Well, it’s been so long since my last post, I don’t really know where to start. Right now we are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where our tour ended on Saturday after an action-packed nine days in Laos that was way too short for my liking. I loved Laos, and enjoyed Chiang Mai way more than I thought I would. There is so much to see and do, and Chiang Mai is small enough to get familiar with, yet large enough to hold great restaurants, fun activities, and heaps of friendly backpackers.

As I mentioned, our tour ended on Saturday, and while it was sad to say goodbye to the people we met and the friends we made over the last 40 days, I’m slightly relieved to be out of a group and on our own. Being on tour had its ups and downs. It was fun to be able to go out and do activities as a group and have our own private transportation, and to know that there were always people around to go out with. On the other hand, it was frustrating having to wait around for people, or to eat every meal at a set time, and there were times that were absolutely exhausting for all the travel and activities we were doing.

Now that Court and I are finally on our own, it’s nice to be able to set our own pace, and stay an extra day or leave a place early just because we want to. We were both exhausted from our busy few days in Chiang Mai, so we booked a “relax day” that we could sleep in, use the internet, and eat when we felt hungry. It’s nice to not be on a fixed schedule anymore!

For those of you who have been asking, I haven’t had a problem with food at all, there is always plenty of local food as well as western food at most places we eat at. I have come to the realization that Asian people think westerners eat bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast EVERY DAY, as that is what every guesthouse serves, if they include breakfast. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE bacon and eggs, but I was thrilled when I arrived in Chiang Mai and found regular cornflakes at the breakfast buffet! ME! Excited for cereal! HA HA. The good part about this is that I have begun putting back on the 11lbs that I lost in December, and my clothing is actually starting to fit again, which is a relief.

Court and I are leaving Chiang Mai for Bangkok tonight on the overnight train, which departs at 5.55PM, and will arrive in Bangkok around 7.30AM tomorrow (Friday). We will spend three days in Bangkok, doing things we didn’t get to see on our one-day stop over before the tour departed for Cambodia back in January, and then leave for southern Thailand by overnight train on the 21st (or 22nd, we haven’t decided yet 🙂

From there, we will spend two weeks island hopping through Thailand’s beaches, reaching the full moon party on March 1. That is really the only solid plan we have at the moment, so more details will come as they become available.

Keep checking the blog for news and stories on the adventure of booking train and bus tickets, finding accommodations, eating meals, and doing every possible activity that southern Thailand has to offer!

For now, this is Lexi saying “ka poon ka” and thanks for reading!



SE Asia Travel Tip #1

When travelling in Cambodia, always opt for a public bus over a private one! The public busses have airconditioning, sometimes serve food and drinks, and have reclining seats!


On a Side note…

SO this doesn’t directly relate it, but in a way it is important to the integrity of the trip I suppose…. I found out tonight after much anxiety and apprehension over the way my exams went, that I passed all my courses with flying colours and am now officially a university graduate! You may now address me as Alexis Mayer, BComm… haha I’m just kidding…

But seriously, this is a huge accomplishment in my life, one that anyone who knows me knows I have worked extremely hard for over the past three and a half years for this. I have made many sacrifices, difficult decisions, and lost a part of me along the way, and because of that this means a lot to me, and I thought I would enshrine my announcement on this blog forever, seeing as my graduation had so much to do with the timing of this trip.

Thanks for listening!

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